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Playboy Celebrities, health authors, vegan animal advocacy leaders and green tea party lobbyist.

Nat Geo

Earth Day’s Top 13 Green-Listed Celebrities
Barbi Twins are #1 on the list!


Hugh Hefner: Easter’s Bunny Hugger
This Easter the Barbi Twins have decided to recognize their mentor and father figure—Hugh Hefner—for his contribution to rabbit preservation, and we are not talking about the two legged bunnies that live at the mansion.
barbi-twins-hugh hefner

2012′s Most Active Celebrity Animal Advocates & Activists
Congratulations to the Barbi Twins for making the international media’s top 10 list of “most interesting people.”


Bulimic Barbi’s Gag-gate vs Lady GaGa’s Furgate


The Barbi Twins Boo Bear Bile Farming

The “Sea-lebrities” Are Supporting Captain Paul Watson

Barbi Twins vs. Barbie and Mattel’s New Marine Mammal Trainer Doll

Famous Fur Nothin’ Versus Famous Fur Somethin’

The Barbi Twins Go From Blonde to Green When Asked About the Trump Controversy

The Fur is Flying: Barbi Twins Take on Kathy Ireland

Barbi Twins: Famous for… Equine Advocacy


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