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Playboy Celebrities, health authors, vegan animal advocacy leaders and green tea party lobbyist.


They are international iconic celebrities that started modeling then turned into vegan health spokeswomen, authors to books, community leaders in animal advocacy due to their love of all animals, and even producers of animal documentaries.  They began modeling separately since they were seven and became a legendary household name with the highest rated Barbi Twins E! True Hollywood Story…and BRANDING of their own merchandise in stores worldwide, which including vitamins, greeting cards and even Russian stamps to calendars and top selling playboy covers and other magazines.

They freely admit to struggling with eating disorders. In fact, Shane and Sia turned their health issues around through education (degrees in nutrition) and are sought out to lecture for high schools and universities nationwide, teach at the Learning Annex and have written two health and fitness books.  Dying To Be Healthy: A Breakthrough Diet, Nutrition and Self Help Guide, tells the story of their struggles with eating disorders and how they overcame it. Their latest book, The ECO Anti-Diet, stresses the benefits of becoming a raw vegan for both the sake of the body and the Eco crisis we are all facing.

Shane and Sia, the Barbi Twins, have always been involved with animals but as they became more aware of the cruelties that were happening to animals they determined to dedicate their lives to the safety of all animals. They became very active in local spay and neuter and Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) programs, in protests against animal cruelty, vivisection, zoos, puppy mills, circuses and eventually made hands on efforts to rescue animals left behind during natural disasters. They were involved with helping lobby for animal bills, such as the horse slaughter bill, the pet food safety bill and the cat declaw ban. They are involved with volunteering at shelters and help with adoptions – Adopt Don’t Shop! is their motto.

Being a leader in animal advocacy means getting out there and doing something and that is exactly what The Barbi Twins do each and every day. The Barbi Twins are active in every aspect of animal causes such as assisting animal bills to pass, participating in protests against animal experimentation, circuses and zoos. They also help promote the closures of puppy mills and breeders and educate rescues about the dangers of hoarding. They are also working with groups that help with endangered species.

The Barbi Twins have numerous Hollywood projects and media events that all focus on helping the animals, which include two Animal Rights movies, a wild horse documentary, and ‘I have a Dream’ documentary about breed discrimination.

Shane and Sia totally dedicate themselves to rescue and advocating for animal rights.  They continuously turn down work that does not focus solely on helping with the welfare of animals.

For more information on the Barbi Twins visit their Wikipedia page.


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